Areas of activity, purpose and presentation of Kaj Juul-Pedersen

The company’s work

SITELLA ApS, Central Business Register No. (CVR) 25974867, was founded in 2001 and is 100% owned by Kaj Juul-Pedersen. The company’s purpose is to invest in companies and, through active involvement, develop these, create value and, for example, realise this value through a sale. Investments are made in collaboration with partners, including venture funds and private equity funds. The active involvement takes place through SITELLA’s subsidiary, Sitella Consult.

Previous investments

Previous investments include: Tpack, a Danish high-tech company developing chips for telecommunications networks; NetTest, a Danish company active in instruments and systems for monitoring telecommunication networks (NetTest was acquired from GN Store Nord in 2002 with Danish private equity fund Axcel as the main investor, and sold to Japanese Anritsu in 2005); Contex Group, a Danish company working with large format scanners with subsidiaries in the US for 3D printing and scanning X-rays, majority-owned by Swedish Ratos.

Current investments

Current investments are:2operate, a company developing systems for automation of troubleshooting of telecommunications networks based on artificial intelligence (investors include Borean); Dencrypt, a company active in secure, encrypted mobile communication.

Sitella Consult ApS, Central Business Register No. (CVR) 28993021, offers consultancy services in business development, including strategy, finance, M&A, and valuation. The consultancy services are usually performed in conjunction with potential or existing investments by SITELLA, but other assignments can also become the subject of great interest and attention. So, assignments have been performed for LD, Allianz Capital Partners, Strukton, Ratos, Euromaint and others.

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Company owner

Kaj Juul-Pedersen, born 1946, is a civil engineer from the Technical University of Denmark, supplemented with business qualifications from France and the United States. He is a veteran of the telecommunications industry, and his international career includes 25 years at Ericsson in Sweden (with global responsibilities), England and Poland, in addition to work in Denmark as the President of L. M. Ericsson A/S 1990-95. Then in Telia from 1997-2001 with responsibility for Denmark and Poland, as well as listing Polish company Netia on Nasdaq and in Warsaw. Since 2001, he has been active through SITELLA.

Over the years, Kaj Juul-Pedersen has acquired extensive management and board experience from dozens of countries, both in listed companies and in unlisted companies, and in both the biggest of international groups and in small startup companies. In addition to telecommunications, professional interests include railways, media, defence and international economic development.

Kaj Juul-Pedersen is also active in the business collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark and was awarded the university’s gold medal in 2007 and made an honorary alumnus in 2015.